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Camden Crawl 2012

Saturday, 28 April 2012 17:14:47 Europe/London

The Berty & Gerty Guide to Looking Cool at the Camden Crawl 2012


Berty says: The golden rule for looking cool during the Camden Crawl is, in a nutshell, wear a hat! 

Throughout music history the hat has been a key accessory: think Marc Bolan wearing  his Top Hat on the cover of the 'Slider' or  David Bowie, Circa 1976,  in character as the Thin White Duke wearing his Fedora.  Rock and Rollers have always finished off a look with a fine hat, be it a Pork Pie  as  the star accessory atop a two tone tonic suit  or  in more recent years Pete Doherty wearing his staple trilby working his skinny jean rock aesthetic.

Berty & Gerty have welcomed a few famous  rockers in over the years looking for the ultimate  cool hat. Most memorably Meatloaf  purchased one of our black cowboy hats to wear at the Kerrang Awards.  Debbie Harry from Blondie also popped in to B&G in search of one of our Pork Pie hats on route to her performance at Latitude. 


         Top Tips for styling the rocker hat look: 

  • Tilt it on the back of your head for extra loucheness.
  • Add a peacock feather to the side of your fedora.
  • Girls wear a man's trilby or bowler for a sexy look.
  •  Work a massive floppy 70's hat with long hair.


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Friday, 20 April 2012 16:51:43 Europe/London

Vintage Guide to 90's Style

90's fashion is making a big come back on the streets of Camden, North London. Those of us who lived through the 90's  as a teenager the first time around  might hesitate at the thought of unkempt grunge for a second time. Indeed, the 1990's was a period that rejected fashion leading to a casual look, including T-shirts, Jeans, Trainers and Dr. Martens. Here at Berty & Gerty Vintage in Camden Lock, we have our fingers firmly on the trend pulse, giving the youth of 2012 a big helping hand to achieving the perfect 90's look. Here is  our 5 point vintage guide to 90's style:

  1. Grunge the early 1990's look: includes oversized t-shirts, oversized jumpers, leggings,  head scarves, denim shorts, Dr Martens and babydoll dresses.
  2. The Continuation of 1980's Fashion: tight skinny jeans, denim button down oversized men's shirts, oversized denim jackets, penny loafers, converse and satchel bags.
  3. The Mid 1990's youth culture: gypsy tops, floral skirts, hippy-style floral dresses, lace blouses, patterned blouses, oversized checked flannel shirts, acid washed jeans and flared trousers.
  4. Psychobilly late 1990's look: brothel creepers, bowling shirts, cut off fraded denim shorts, western checked shirts and crop tops.
  5. Berty & Gerty complete 90's outfit: bowler hat, oversized tartan flannel shirt, denim cut off acid wash shorts, black tights, Dr. Marten coloured boots and a satchel bag.



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