Gerty is a big fan of vintage Bally shoes! Infact, I love Bally Shoes so much that I made sure these traditional shoes were going to adorn my bridal feet on my wedding day. They might  not have been vintage Bally, but  with  a three inch heel and covered in lush gold silk, they made my "big day" extra special. These timeless classics now live in a super soft brushed cotton sleeping bag in a vintage trunk and will probably sleep there for many more years to come. Well until my baby girl (9months) is old enough to wear them! Personal memories aside; Bally is the brand to collect and wear:

Started in 1854, a shoe factory was set up in a swiss village by Fritz Bally. In just 6 years 1860 Fritz employeed over 500 staff and was selling the Bally Brand interntaionally. The Bally brand remained in full family control until the end of the last century. The strong concept and identity for luxuary refined details, hand crafted appeal and minimal decoration is why this brand has lasted the test of time.

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