5 Ways to get the Dandy Look

At Berty & Gerty Vintage we just can't get enough of the Dandy look.  It's fair to say this so called 'Dandy look' has been part of our society for a very long time. Inparticular the late 18th to early 19th Century saw a  rise in Dandyism  with Middle class men paying greater attention to their tailored outfits: woollen tweed cloth, silk scarves, matching coloured accessories and highly shined shoes. Today we would call this particular  type of Gentleman a 'Fashionista'. One famous Dandy or Fashionistas from this period has to be Oscar Wilde.  Other gentlemen throughout history who have been influence by the 'Dandy Look'  these include: Andy Warhol, Lord Byron, Quentin Crisp, Salvador Dali and  Noel Coward.

In recent years, Dandyism made another resurgence in the 1980's with the New Romantics scene, unfortunatlely, Dandyism didn't say around for long. Here is our guide to getting the Dandy Look that's right for you:

1. The Peacock

This Dandy is a lover of bright vibrant hues made from lush silks. Every aspect of their outfit is bright, bright, bright!

2. The Traditionalist

This Dandy loves subtle shades made from hand woven Heritage  British woollen cloth. It's all about the cut and weave of the suit. The more the outfit screams heritage the better.

3. The Decadent

This Dandy is like a 'Magpie'! Give me: sparkle, gems,  gold and more sparkle. 

4. The Thinker

This Dandy loves to accessorise with one or two splashes of patterned cloth. This might be in the form of a paisley scarf or patterned socks.

5. The Expert

This Dandy is a combination of all of the above.