The Vintage Scarf



The trusty silk scarf isn't just for that certain type of lady marching down the King's Road. We believe any 'trendy' worhy person should own a least a dozen scarves.

Since the 1930's silk scarves were mass produced as a little bit of luxury for the woman on the street. It was the like of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn that made this little bit of luxury an essential statement piece for any woman's wardrobe; even more popular than red lipstick.

Whether you are a collector of imitation silk 1930's rayon scarves or collector of the optical geometic prints of the 60's  we should have something in our collection for you. The best way to wear the silky scarf is to wear it cowboy style, to show off the lovely print. Please take a look at our some of our scarves on our ebay site, asos boutique and on our own website.