Vintage Guide to 90's Style

90's fashion is making a big come back on the streets of Camden, North London. Those of us who lived through the 90's  as a teenager the first time around  might hesitate at the thought of unkempt grunge for a second time. Indeed, the 1990's was a period that rejected fashion leading to a casual look, including T-shirts, Jeans, Trainers and Dr. Martens. Here at Berty & Gerty Vintage in Camden Lock, we have our fingers firmly on the trend pulse, giving the youth of 2012 a big helping hand to achieving the perfect 90's look. Here is  our 5 point vintage guide to 90's style:

  1. Grunge the early 1990's look: includes oversized t-shirts, oversized jumpers, leggings,  head scarves, denim shorts, Dr Martens and babydoll dresses.
  2. The Continuation of 1980's Fashion: tight skinny jeans, denim button down oversized men's shirts, oversized denim jackets, penny loafers, converse and satchel bags.
  3. The Mid 1990's youth culture: gypsy tops, floral skirts, hippy-style floral dresses, lace blouses, patterned blouses, oversized checked flannel shirts, acid washed jeans and flared trousers.
  4. Psychobilly late 1990's look: brothel creepers, bowling shirts, cut off fraded denim shorts, western checked shirts and crop tops.
  5. Berty & Gerty complete 90's outfit: bowler hat, oversized tartan flannel shirt, denim cut off acid wash shorts, black tights, Dr. Marten coloured boots and a satchel bag.